The third annual Great Gatsby Party in NYC featuring a Green Step and Repeat rose wall from Flowerbox Wall Gardens was yet again a huge success. Flowerbox was happy to produce their rose wall backdrop for their second year in a row!


The party was held at Capatale on Bowery Street in Manhattan, December 1st and 2nd with the Green Step and Repeat greeting every guest as they arrived in true New York fashion. Hundreds of guest were awe of the stunning white rose backdrop as they arrived in 1920’s Gatsby attire. The white rose wall was the star of the show with an hour wait all evening for the photo booth set up using the Green Step and Repeat as its backdrop.


Green Step and Repeat by Flowerbox is already looking forward to the event next year. The Great Gatsby Party year after year brings the excitement of the 20’s social scene alive in a way that makes you feel as if Gatsby himself may be around the next corner. The backdrop for 2018 will surely be one you do not want to miss. …Until next year old sport!

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